Sunday, May 5, 2019

Weekend Update

This has been one rough spring.  I seem to have enough energy to work, then I get home and am spent.  The missus has had some issues as well.  Lots of things to get in the way of being productive.

I watch this cat on occasion and somehow I missed this Philosophy 101 post of his.

I worked as an electrician back in 1985-1986.  I worked for Kendall County Electric, Kenco.  Jim English was the journeyman, and Greg was my lead. 

Old Jim fought the cold and the Japanese in Alaska during WW2.  He was a tough man, and a harsh but good teacher.  One thing he mentioned was this: "a good apprentice watches his lead man, and anticipates what he will need next. He'll go get it and have it to hand. You will learn your job quicker that way, as well as keeping your lead busy." 

Jim and I didn't see eye to eye on things for the first three months or so.  He made some demands on me that I thought were too much.  I talked to a couple of men that I held in high esteem about it.  They both said, "Grow up.  If you don't, you'll float around from job to job and never amount to anything."  After that, I took it as a mission to earn my boss' respect and do the best I could.  I took his direction about learning my job to heart.   I made lead after 13 months, normally it would take 2 years. 

Then the 'bust' took oil prices really low.  No one built houses anymore, and our work stalled out.  We did a lot of work at Jim's house to keep busy.

I went back to college, and finished up my degree.  I've relied on  Jim's advice ever since I got my head screwed on straight back in '86.  It's served me well.  I tried to get in touch with Jim, but I never did find him.  I was gonna tell him he probably changed my life's direction with his advice.  And I wanted to thank him for it.  I've developed a loyalty to those with which I trade my skill for money.  Learned that from Jim, too. 

Mr. English, I really do appreciate you not firing me outright when we got crosswise.  I really do.  Taking your lead, and following advice from older, wise men, my life has been better.   Thank you.

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  1. The same kind of guys I learned from back in those days. Old School.
    They would die laughing at what came behind us, then tell us we failed to pass on their hard earned ways.
    Glad to see you posted something. I had almost given up on ya.