Thursday, October 20, 2022

Project: Business Card Holder

45 Minutes from conception to completion.  That Sheldon lathe is a beast.  No chatter, even using a cutoff tool.  Material is A36 structural steel, one inch bolt and two, one inch nuts.  Faced one side flat on each nut, then tightened them together.  Slot was cut .075" per pass, 1400 rpm, 0.5" carbide cutter.  Wow.



A friend gave me some long rods that were used to hold big pump jack parts on pallets.  Fun, quick project.  Now, I get to go put it out at the hardware store.


  1. I knew iron workers that could snap those bolts with a 12" spud wrench...

    1. Wow. That stuff is stringy and smears. I can't imagine wringing it in half. Did they look like Popeye?? I bet a Charpy test wouldn't even break the sample and a tensile test would pull it into spaghetti. I was surprised at how well the lathe and mill did their work.