Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Upshot

 TB said it all looked very kewl, but what the deuce is this used for anywho?  I'm glad you asked.

The lathe is the foundation of the industrial revolution.  If you haven't seen this video, it's well worth your time to get edumacated.  I'll wait.

That title is a trip and it's true.  Historically, I've read one major  reason we were able to outproduce our enemies in WW2 is because we were able to make more of these specialty lathes than anyone of them.

Normally, I don't wear white ties when I work in my shop, M, although I do like the Walther PPK as a copilot.  The turret lathe and a bar feeder will pump out parts mo ricky tick.  (right fast, youbetcha!)

So, with this quick bit of instruction, you can see the versatility of the lathe.  Being able to thread tubes, inside or outside, would be quite useful in my area.  Either for oilfield work, farm parts, or the odd hoplo-smithing opportunity.

One other thing that I don't talk about much is my long fascination with a physics Siren (yes, she calls to me at times and can be quite irresistible).   Here is a gentleman that gets my head spinning right round:

I cannot explain how exciting this stuff is to me.  I'm not a microwave guy, but uhf and vhf are really interesting.  I'm not up to his meticulous standards yet either.  I'm not really into talking to people all over the world, but the science is so captivating, that I can float away for hours thinking about mapping the ionosphere at differing frequencies or chasing tropospheric ducting, contrail reflections, meteor tail reflections, and the effect of the wobble of the moon on reflected signals.  There are all kinds of things to pursue in that discipline.  And making stuff to support my forays into physics are wonderful opportunities to learn new things...  I'm getting stoked.  I have a need to be busy, both mind and hands. 

At some point, I hope to be able to pursue these subjects with the full fervor of my passion.  Right now, I need to get a handle on things.  And, if by some chance I can't get to the dreamy bits soon, I'll at least be off the streets.  And who knows, if a warlord shows up I can get my Wilford Brimley on.

Did this help answer your question TB?


  1. STxAR, you did, in marvelous fashion. I am, indeed, more edumacated.

    I will have to swoop back to watch the last video. The part I saw was completely fascinating and completely incomprehensible to me.

    1. Wondermous!!!! Machine tools, as they exist now, are paragons of accuracy and stability. In order to make accurate, detailed cuts, they can't flex in ways that affect the parts produced. Everything seems to be reliant on accuracy. Our production methods demand it. From making potato chips to medications, if it isn't accurate, it won't pass. There is something in my head that loves that, and wants to be able to do that routinely. It's really crazy at times.

    2. I love that this excites you, my friend. I struggle to get my mind around it but am comforted there are good people like you that get it.